Standing Rock Action Today

This week, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department issued a public request for donations of food and drink to support their officers on the front lines. In response a large caravan left Standing Rock with supplies intended for the MCS. This gesture stands in stark contrast to statements made by law enforcement indicating that they would block supplies from going into the camps after December 5th, the deadline set for protectors to vacate the Oceti Sakowin camp.

Under cloudy skies this afternoon, what appeared to be a police helicopter escorted us on our drive, flying low and circling the caravan for miles.

Despite excessive violence against the activists and indigenous peoples, the International Indigenous Youth Council elected to donate to those who have caused such pain. However, while the Sheriff’s Department had requested soda for refreshment, the Council instead supplied them with water. One member announced “mni wiconi [water is life]”: the slogan and reason for the resistance.

Before the Youth Council gave the Sheriff their donation they came together in song and prayer, all actions they organize are aimed to be peaceful and prayerful.

Standing Rock Action from Madeline Cottingham on Vimeo.


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